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Mufti: Beware of wine vinegar

SHAH ALAM, May 12 — All quarters, especially food product manufacturers, should be aware of the use of wine vinegar in the food industry, as an edict was already issued in 2006, declaring the substance as ‘haram’.
Mufti of Selangor Datuk Tamyes Abdul Wahid said although the edict was issued about four years ago, many were still unaware or hardly understood the ban on the use of the substance in the manufacturing or processing of halal food products.
He said law enforcement on the illegal use of wine vinegar by food manufacturers and hotels was difficult because it was almost untraceable.
“Usually, the wine vinegar is used in the baking of cakes and cookies. It is probably aimed at making the food last longer or even tastier,” he told reporters after opening a seminar on the edict on wine vinegar here today.
Hence, he said, self awareness was vital and food manufacturers should declare whether or not they used wine vinegar in their products or take an initiative to stop using the substance in their products.
“That’s why I said that the awareness is important. If they kept hiding this fact, the public will never know the truth unless the products were tested,” said Tamyes.
He reiterated that since halal food products were also produced by non-Muslim manufacturers, their understanding on the ban on the use of wine vinegar should also be enhanced.
Meanwhile, Tamyes believed that scientists in the country could find an alternative to wine vinegar to ensure that halal food was not be tarnished. — Bernama


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