Macam2lah budak ni...

Dia tau sembahyag Jumaat dia tak sah kerana "kununnya" dia tak mandi wajib setelah peristiwa sodom menyodom tu...

Orang macam ni sumpah dia boleh pakai ke??? Cuba tanya Mufti Perak....manalah tau jawapannya mungkin harus kot? He he...

Teringat juga dahi Saiful yang hitam tanda kuat sujud dan solat...tapi sayanglah (tak taulah) sebelum solat tu dia dah langsai mandi wajib ke belum...he he!! Ini semua perangai UMNOlah yob oiiii!!

Sodomy II: Karpal grills Saiful

Anwar Ibrahim's defence lawyer Karpal Singh asks key witness Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to take his oath 'properly' and to be truthful.

11.30am: Defence lawyer Karpal asks for a short break.
11.25: Karpal applies for Saiful's caution statement to be produced, saying the witness is not telling the truth.
11.22am: Lubricant was used during intercourse, claims Saiful.
11.20am: Karpal, referring to a Kuala Lumpur Hospital report, states that there were no signs of scarring or recent injury on Saiful.

Saiful: "I do not know. I cannot see my anus."
11.06am: Karpal reads a copy of a report that states the cause of Saiful's pain as being the introduction of a plastic object into his anus.

Saiful says the report is wrong. "It is not true."

"Are you lying? Remember, the doctor will be brought in to testify," Karpal warns.
Saiful says, he does not know. "Possibly the doctor is lying."

11.01am: Saiful says he was inspected by one Dr Osman Abdul Hamid at the Pusrawi hospital in Kuala Lumpur, where he complained of stomache pains and pain in the anus.

Dr Osman enters the court room to be identified.
10.54am: Karpal asks Saiful whether he is a good Muslim. Saiful says he aspires to be one.

Karpal: "I put it to you that you do not understand the Islamic religion, as you should have mandi junub (performed the ritual bath) after sexual intercourse.

Saiful says he admits failing to perform the ritual bath after the alleged intercourse with Anwar, as the it was a "waktu darurat" ('emergency' situation).
Saiful says he had a light shower before going to perform Friday prayers
10.45am: Saiful said he had not met Najib or his wife Rosmah Mansor before the meeting on June 24. He met police officer SAC Rodwan Yusof at Hotel Melia.
"Rodwan called wanting to meet me," says Saiful, adding he met the police officer after the meeting with Najib.
10.40am: Saiful says he met PM Najib on June 24, 2008, at the latter's residence in Jalan Duta to complain about his problem.

mohd saiful bukhari azlan 4 at jawi 27110810.39am: Karpal asks Saiful (right) to take his oath properly and to be truthful.
10.35am: High Court Judge Mohd Zabidin Md Diah says that the decisions by the Court of Appeal and Federal Court against Anwar's application to to gain more key evidence include the witness statements from the prosecution.
"Hence, the application to get the witness list is dismissed," says Zabidin.

Key witness Saiful is taking the stand.
10.14am: Karpal asks why the prosecutor is going against convention in not providing the witness list.

"Why are they so afraid in giving the list?" he asks.
The Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak himself must be involved in the case as there seems to be a plot to bring down Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal alleges further.

"There is a political conspiracy against Anwar. If there is none, then the prosecution should ... (give) us the list," says Karpal, reiterating that the court must use its inherent jurisdiction to compel the prosecution to give the list.

10.06am: Solicitor-General II and lead prosecutor Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden says he is bound by Federal Court ruling not to provide it yet, saying the witness list "may" be given at the end of prosecution.

"I do not see the relation between not wanting to cross-examine and the witness list," he said.

"From the testimony of Saiful, you can already guess who are the witnesses."

Karpal, however, says he wants the court to exercise its inherent power under Section 56 of Criminal Procedure Code to compel them to give the list.

NONEHe is also complaining about not getting the notes of evidence.

9.57am: Defence lawyer Karpal wants the court to ensure they get the witness list before they start cross-examining Saiful.

He said the defence is prepared, but wants to ensure that there is no 'trial by ambush'.

"The stakes are very high to Anwar. Not because this is Anwar, but to prevent abuse by prosecution in other cases," he said.

"The most important aspect in any trial is the evidence of witness."

Karpal says further that the defence needs to know if any of their witnesses could be on the prosecution's witness list.

"This is important if the defence wants to put up a defence (to the) alibi."

9.47am: Anwar's lawyer Karpal Singh starts the ball rolling and begins with the issue of the defence not getting the witness list from the prosecutors.

Such a document is among the foremost requirement for a fair trial, the veteran lawyer tells the court.

NONE9.08am Anwar Ibrahim enters court with wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and family members.

Shaking hands with diplomats and others, the Opposition Leader looks relaxed and smiles to reporters.

7.55am Media passes still a problem. Media organisations like the BBC and The Straits Times of Singapore are not in the list, though they were previously issued passes and allowed in.

7.45am Investigating officer Jude Pereira arrives at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.


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