Dajjal is Lord Maitreya or (the last/next pope) Pope Roman Peter II !!!

August 1991

New House Of Theosophy

With the the idea of a key role plannad for the Roman Catholic Pope, let us now return to the notes on the seminar at New England House of Theosophy to see what is planned to happen once the combination worship center is actually built. In fact, let us list all five of the planned steps.


Step One
Three global conferences must be held in order to give birth to the new world order System. (Actually occured Aug 28 -Sept 10,2000, when New World Order was birth into existence'.

Step 2
General Fear of War need to be intituted and maintained in order to provide the pressure need to move the parties into this plan.

*when Arafat began his Intifada on Sept 2000, Israel was plunged into the Fear of War scenario.
*Bush ordered Coalition Forces to attack Iraq. How many times have we heard since March 2003, that attack in Iraq has increased global terrorism?

Step 3
International Control Over Jerussalem Religious Areas-Once this control is established, groundbreaking could begin on a new combination worship center for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Step 4
Roman Catholic Pope travels to Jerussalem to dedicate this new worship center, proclaiming that all religions of the world are now one. He is their head and the New world Order Religion is now official.

Step 5
Lord Maitreya Dajjal will come to the world scene after the world war has been fought to produce him. After he arises the plan calls for a new Temple to be built, after clearing the 'rubble of the Dome of the Rock', of course!


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